Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Thing I have SUPERPOWERS

Well...I don't really have superpowers but convincing myself that I do is key to not letting the sheer fear of disaster get to me.  A few months ago when I submitted to this festival in NY I thought it was a GREAT IDEA.  Now, less than 3 months away from the NY show, and about 6 weeks away from the LA show (which isn't booked yet, and we, no not we - ME! are still minus a venue and a director and maybe the funds would be better put to use towards a trip to Mexico, I could really use a vacation...)

Déjà Vu .  This all seems too familiar, I remember this feeling.  This  feeling that my GREAT IDEA is in fact a really really bad one in which I'm going to utterly humiliate the time when I was nine and I had just learned a full-twisting-back-flip and insisted to my gymnastics coach I had to put it in my floor routine at next week's competition.  Although my coach didn't think I was ready for it, there was no arguing with me.  The competition came, I landed the twist beautifully and was so shocked I did it I forgot the rest of my routine, stared at the judges blankly and ran off the floor crying...

I really hope this doesn't end up like that...but it won't because I have SUPERPOWERS!  Right?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cupcakes and Lingerie

Year of the Slut was recently accepted to the Frigid Festival in New York City February 2011.  As a the writer and star of the show I am thrilled for the opportunity...As the producer I am exhausted merely thinking about how much work needs to be done and how much funds need to be raised if I ever expect to get there.  (yeah, one woman show, like literally)

Before I get to New York, I am scheduling performances in LA, my current city, to get ready for the Big Apple.  I am shell shocked with the massive heaps of work I should already be doing - the boring minutia of raising funds, booking a venue in LA, finding a director, finishing rewriting the script so I can go on to memorizing the new lines...raising funds, blah, blah, blah (I know it's SO SUPER exciting!  Show Biz is all glamour and pampering!).  Today I took a personal day.

My sexy man (let's call him Hot Stuff) could sense all the pressure getting to he took the afternoon and he whisked me away to Beverly Hills and bought me Sprinkles cupcakes (orgasm in a box) and some sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie (btw, the one on Beverly Dr. is a total dump, "The one in the mall in Albany is nicer" according to Hot Stuff).  After being treated to some treats we went back to my place and had a very productive afternoon...did I mention building my vocal stamina is also on the "to do" list for the show?