Sunday, January 2, 2011

Already Got Some...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Things are coming together for the LA shows next week and I'm getting super between the mental breakdowns.  For reals, the re-writes are working out and I'm happier than I expected to be with the direction the show is going.  YAY!

Last week a male acquaintance, sensing I was stressed, said to me "I hope you get some over the holidays".  Granted, he doesn't know me that well, or anything about my personal life but really?  Like for reals?  Are guys really that out of touch?  And how is that going to help my show?  I already have enough material written. 

Do men not realize that for women the world is like a gigantic free all you can eat buffet?  The dichotomy of the sexes...I don't know of any women who have trouble "getting some"... Most of us have more than we know what to do with in the sex department.  Sex is never the problem - it's the full package that's the rare commodity.