Sunday, January 23, 2011

Screaming Tween

The Los Angeles workshop of Slut came and went in a blur.  We had a fantastic turn out, great feedback and a hell of a fun show!  I am rather pleased with how it all went, minus the lighting problems on the second night...but shit happens and the show must go on...Thanks to all who came out to support!!

I went out the the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip this week for a well needed and well deserved night out of fun with friends and random strangers and to see this band I'm totally into.  I don't know what it is, but there is defiantly something about sweaty men jumping around on stage making sweet noise that transforms me into a screaming 7th grader. 

My friends, who are used to me being super serious and lately stressed were totally shocked to see me giddy on the dance floor with my limbs flailing uncontrollably to the rockin' tunes.  They made fun of me all night, I didn't really care.  I had a great time, was deeply inspired and let off just enough steam to press on and kick NY's ass with my show! 

New York City, I hope you're ready for me...